Our Show Goes On – Register Today to Learn Why We Can Not Wait a Year

For over a decade, ContractERP has used DHI’s CoNEXTions convention to showcase features and functionality that can help Door and Hardware Distributors increase their margins and decrease their risk.

Regrettably, due to the civil unrest in Baltimore, which resulted in DHI’s decision to cancel their convention eliminated our opportunity to unveil the latest version of ContractERP to attendees, so we’re taking the show on the road (well, the Internet) with a series of Webinars that highlight the many new and exciting features that make ContractERP more powerful than ever.

Webinar #1 – For Owners – May 19th at 2 PM EST 

Grow Your Business Without Growing Your Headcount  

Learn how ContractERP helps you to eliminate unnecessary staff expenditures in your growing business, so you can book profits instead of just revenues.

Webinar #2- For General Managers – May 20th at 2 PM EST 

Turn Your Old Tried and True Systems Into Your New Tried and True Systems

Learn how to get more out of existing systems and staff. ContractERP transforms existing processes into optimized and scalable systems – allowing you to adapt to changing market conditions without having to reinvent your operations or retrain staff.

Webinar #3 – For Project Managers – May 21st at 2 PM EST 

Turn Big Projects Into Small Jobs

Learn how ContractERP will reduce the complexity and detail overload inherent in big projects down to simple, repeatable, and manageable tasks.

This Web series is free to attend and extremely valuable. Each session has been developed to address the specific challenges faced by either an owner, general manager, or project manager, and demonstrates new and existing ContractERP functionality in an easy to digest format.

To receive the details and be eligible for the door prize, please register before May 15th by going to www.contractERP.com/WinBig/.

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